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GreenGarden Compost Spreader - Lightweight and Durable

Revolutionize Your Lawn and Garden with Rultyn's Lightweight Compost Spreader - Perfect for Topdressing and Manure Distribution!

- Metal Mesh Basket: The metal mesh basket on top of the spreader allows for even distribution of materials, ensuring that your lawn or garden is evenly covered without any clumps or patches. This is important for maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn or garden.
- Topdressing Roller: The topdressing roller on the Rultyn Compost Spreader Peat Moss Spreader helps to evenly distribute materials and ensure that they are pressed into the soil for optimal growth. This is especially important for topdressing la

The Rultyn Compost Spreader Peat Moss Spreader is the perfect tool for any lawn or garden enthusiast. This 24 push spreader is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for any size yard. The dual-purpose handle allows for easy operation, whether you're pushing or pulling the spreader. The metal mesh basket topdressing roller ensures even distribution of compost, peat moss, or manure, leaving your lawn looking lush and healthy. The large, black design of the spreader allows for maximum coverage, making quick work of any yard project. With the Rultyn Compost Spreader Peat Moss Spreader, your lawn and garden will be the envy of the neighborhood.